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     Carol M. Collins is based in Gainesville, Virginia. She has spent nearly four decades professionally engaged in making people laugh all over the world. First, as a teacher, she realized the positive power of humor and laughter in classroom discipline and in the learning process. Soon after, she entered upon a lifetime of bringing joy to people through entertainment and more recently added motivational speaking.

World travel taught Carol that: 

  All people smile in the same language.

As an Entertainer

      "Bingo T. Clown" was born on Halloween in 1975 when a friend gave her a clown costume to wear while taking her daughter trick or treating. She never returned to formal teaching but her comedy has always retained a touch of that educational motivation. 

giving a clown nose to man on train to create smiles
Safari Bingo's live animal show

Carol in Austria bringing smiles to a man with special needs.

Click on photo to see  Safari Bingo's animal show video.

For decades, Carol has been entertaining at family, community, corporate and national government events, as well as at pre-schools, hospitals, libraries, restaurants, scouting events and festivals.  She also is a talent agent for over 50 variety acts.                              


    Carol performs as Bingo the Magic Clown, Mrs. Claus, Mother Christmas, 

Elf and Easter Bunny.

     Have you seen her as Mrs. Claus at the National Capital tree lightings?

 •  As Bingo she has livened up seven years of White House Easter Egg Rolls.

 spare sponge nose!

 •   Bingo also loved clowning around as an extra in HER ALIBI with

Tom Selleck and in AVALON with Aiden Quinn.

 •  At one congressional picnic, Bingo gave Nancy Reagan a "nose job" with a

Currently Carol performs mainly as the comedy character, Safari Bingo. She delights all ages with an educational, live animal, comedy magic show which includes a hedgehog, car-racing hamsters and her dancing dog, Lolli-Pup! 

using bubbles to bring smiles too sick child in Peru

 Generating smiles at Children's Hospital, Lima, Peru


As a Motivational Speaker

      Having seen the positive effects of humor and laughter on "children of all ages" during her many decades as an entertainer, Carol decided to add to her repertoire a new and more direct way of communicating their importance to audiences through presentations and workshops.

    She has presented at a variety of venues: Rotary Clubs, networking meetings, women's clubs, corporate staff meetings, a women's correctional institution, the Unitarian Universalist Forum, church fundraisers, retreats both corporate and social, senior communities and retirement homes.


     Certified Laughter Leader -- Workshop with World Laughter Tour 2009

     Member of AATH -- Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor

     As a participant in Caring Clowns International – Carol brought

             smiles to children in hospitals and orphanages in Peru and Vietnam.

     As "Dr. Bingo" she worked with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit at

Children's Hospital in Washington, DC bringing smiles to cancer patients.

      Attended and presented at a myriad of Clown and Entertainer 

             convention workshops in the USA, England and Scotland.

Carol has a positive outlook and encourages others 

to see the sun behind the clouds of life!

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